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Vino 101

We never stop learning and we love to share what we find with you!

Here are just a few of the ways we pass on what we learn for you to experience:

Free weekly wine tastings mix information and our favorite new wines, all for your enjoyment! Join us at our next wine tasting and click here for the current calendar of events.

Vinodivino wine card with tasting notes and more provided for each bottle we carry. 

Vinodivino wine expert training - we like to stay ahead of the curve to bring you the best bottles. 


Wine Card Tasting Notes


Shopping for wine can seem like a daunting process for even the most experienced wine lover, especially because the labels often give little indication to what’s inside the bottle. It’s might seem like you're trying to order at a restaurant without a menu! Vinodivino helps break down this process for you with our handy Wine Card Tasting Notes – an innovative cross between a restaurant menu and an “About the Artist” card from a craft boutique.

We create Tasting Notes for every wine and spirit we carry to convey a wealth of information about the bottle in simple, easy to digest form. Information on the card includes: 

  • Professional ratings and reviews of the wine when available, on a 100-point scale. 
  • Vindovidino’s rating based on our tasting assessment and our own review if an industry rating is not available, also on a 100-point scale.
  • Producer information including: winery, country, region and subregion, along with suggested maturity.
  • How full-bodied the wine is - from light to heavy, expressed with small icons of wine glasses.
  • A breakdown of grape varietal in the bottle organized in a hierarchy of greatest to least percentage of inclusion.
  • Images that denote additional highlights:
    • A decanter to indicate a bottle that likely needs to be decanted to allow the wine to open and fully express its flavors, and eliminate any natural sediment that collects with age.
    • A star of David to denote the wine is Kosher.
    • A trophy to denote that the wine has been rated in a Top 100 listing.
    • An "E" to denote that this bottle is a Vinodivino Exclusive.
    • A leaf to denote that this winery ususes one if not several sustainable or green practives.
  • Suggested food pairings for not only the grape varietal but also the winery - as specific as we can recommend.

Our Wine Card Tasting Notes represent a considerable investment designed to improve your shopping experience – giving you a greater understanding about wine, insight into your bottle, and a handy way to test and improve your palate. They’re also a great special touch at a cocktail party or enclosed with our gift bags.  


Vinodivino Expert Training


We admit it. We think drinking wine is fun - and we think you do too! It’s about sharing with friends, tantalizing your senses, exploring new worlds, and taking a retreat. Buying wine should embody that same joyous spirit and that's where our Vinodivino experts come in.

Our investment in our staff is an investment in you. The people who are helping you select each bottle have most likely tasted that bottle themselves and perhaps even brought it into our stores.  We believe that training and responsibilities distinguish our staff's commitment to our wines and to you, including:

  • Enrolling and paying for our staff to take a 16-week, advanced sommelier certification program.
  • Providing weekly, 3-hour training sessions on wine, beer and spirits.
  • Tasting our products multiple times a week, until every staff member is well versed in the bottles on our shelves.
  • Carving out wine-buying domains. Each staff member is tasked with becoming an expert in a designated wine region, forming relationships with wine makers, and selecting wines for our shop.

Let us share our passion and knowledge about wine with you. This is fun for us too after all! 

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