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Looking for a specific bottle of wine, liquor or beer? Let us find it for you!

Whether you’re looking to track drown that special bottle you drank on vacation, celebrate a milestone with a vintage bottle, or grab that obscure wine you’ve read about and had your eye on, Vindovino’s Special Orders service will do the work for you.

It's all about relationships
We have excellent relationships with every wine distributor in the state and access to their full portfolio of wines. We'll ask you questions to get as much information as we can about the bottle you are looking for (wine, liquor, or beer). So long as the wine is carried in Massachusetts, we’ll find it for you.

No extra costs
The really rare part that makes this service extra-special: we do all of this without any hidden fees nor additional surcharges to your special order bottle price!

Let's get started
Our Sleuth Matt is an expert at finding all of our special requests, contact him directly using the information below. Matt will provide details on timing and pricing throughout your search! And we have delivery options that can bring your special order right to your door, click here for more delivery information.

We can't wait to start your search!




Brookline Manager
Special Orders

Boston Store:
 617 879 9400




Less than 1% of the wine produced in the world is made to age.
Let us help you savor these rare gems!

Wine cellars (or refrigerators) come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a wine cellar that needs an update, are looking to establish your first one, or need help managing your inventory, Vinodivino can guide you through with effortless experience.


And it doesn't have to break the bank! We can show you how purchasing certain bottles early and storing them correctly to facilitate the aging process can not only satisfy your tastebuds in the future, but your wallets too. Someday you might even have bottles to pass down generations. That is if you don't wish to enjoy them first!

Through personalized, one-on-one consultations, we guide you through the process of storing wine long-term, and assist you with purchasing or expanding your collection.

Our services include:

  • Appraising wines and collections
  • Assisting with cellar organization
  • Suggesting storage techniques
  • Selecting age-worthy wines that improve and appreciate with age
  • Tracking down hard-to-find bottles (Click here for more information on Special Orders)
  • Locating vintage bottles to celebrate anniversaries, births, milestones, or any special occasion
  • Finding a broad selection of approachable, everyday wines 


The first session is free | Book your appointment today

To ask us any additional questions about our personalized cellar consultations or to schedule an appointment, contact us here or call your nearest Vinodivino shop.