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I finally stopped here on my way...
by Robyn L. via yelp
I finally stopped here on my way home from work tonight and I already love the place. I picked up two bottles after reading tasting notes, Wine Advocate ratings, food pairing suggestions and maturity times -- all the information I wish I had when I go into most liquor stores and stare blindly at bottle after bottle of pinot.

The wines are very well priced, with everything for just about every budget, and they're wrapped and bagged with the cards listing all that info with space to add your own tasting notes. They have free tastings on Saturdays and a Vinodivino Connoisseur Club, which of course I signed up for. It gets me $10 off after I spend $200. I'm sure it won't take me long to get there.

P.S. The Argiolas Perdera is tasty.

Absolutely love the vinodivino...
by Yue Z. via yelp
Absolutely love the vinodivino chain. Excellent wines. Superb service. They have their own points system for the wines as well, and offer free wine tastings almost every day if you're in the area. Whether you know your wines or just want a good bottle, it's the place to go. I typically order online and ask for delivery. However, the few times I've been to the store, I always see people walking in and ordering cases at a time--a sign of loyalty and trust!

love the concept:  high rated...
by Diane L. via yelp
love the concept:  high rated wines at value prices.  The information card is a great way to remember which wines you liked without having to save an empty bottle.  
Raphael carried the case out to my car.

We love this wine shop. You'll...
by Kevin M. via yelp
We love this wine shop. You'll find excellent value throughout the shop as well as a few special event expensive types. vinodivino has a small, but on target selection that is displayed in a modern, minimalistic fashion. No dusty bottles or  disgusting cheap wine deals of the month here. The top 20 under $20 is a great resource. Look for the tasting notes (printed or sent via email) which provide food parings, respected wine resource ratings as well as vinodivino's own ratings.

The owner Raphael is great at matching wine to the mood or food.
We loved it so much we used the store for a wine registry for our wedding.

Sign up for the buyer program and earn $10 for every $200 spent and referrals to friends gets you a $10 credit as well. Plus, you can access the list of wines you've purchased, and and rate them so it's easy to order the wines you love again. Great marriage of physical store and online capabilities.

Great for high quality at each...
by Brian G. via yelp
Great for high quality at each price point. Nice people, knowledgeable, not at all intimidating.

Had such an amazing tasting experience...
by Michelle S. via yelp
Had such an amazing tasting experience here a few months ago, and I admit I'm a bit delayed on writing a stellar review for this fine establishment.

The theme of the Saturday tasting was Napa wines. We tried five different varietals at a wide spectrum of price ranges. All were so perfectly chosen that I think along with my partner in crime - my dad, shh- and I, we ended up buying a case and a half. Also, they are so the generous when it comes to seconds... because sometimes you just need another go to see if it's for you!

Definitely overdue for a second visit.

This is a great shop!  The employees...
by Liz B. via yelp
This is a great shop!  The employees are really know wine and love to help, and they have very reasonably priced wines.  Their suggestions have always been right on.  They keep track of purchases and favorites in a database - I wanted to bring wine to a friend's house for dinner and they looked up what my friend's favorite wines were - an awesome perk!

Friends of ours had been to VinoDivino...
by Jimmie L. via yelp
Friends of ours had been to VinoDivino several times, but we finally got there last night.

The store is really cool - love the shelves - i want them for our home.  Each column of shelves is a particular varietal.  Each shelf has a card that shows the information, the scores, the price, as well as information about the wine, what it pairs with and how long the bottle will be good for ("drink now" "enjoy for next 3 years" etc)

We agree with Megan - we were not looked down upon for our ignorance with Pinot Noirs, and bought several that were recommended to us.  

Raphael is easy to talk to and he is passionate about wine, so he is more than happy to share his knowledge to help expand your understanding of wines.

When we paid, we got a card for each bottle that allows us to write our own tasting notes, in addition to all of the information that the cards on the shelves lists (pairings, tasting notes, timeline etc)

Also, we opted to give our email address, which will allow us to track our purchases and our "wine portfolio" and we are working towards a store credit (based on our purchases).

Also - the website is robust - it allows you to search for wines using a variety of choices - by food you want to consume with it, by price, by region, by varietal.  

All in all, go in and speak with them - you will be hooked !

Nice selection of wines with very...
by Brett R. via yelp
Nice selection of wines with very friendly service, all at reasonable prices. Staff are very knowledgable and able to make good recommendations.

This place is great!  I had done...
by Molly C. via yelp
This place is great!  I had done a little research online before I went in, and was pretty confused about what to purchase to go with my roommate dinner (Spaghetti with meat sauce and chocolate cake!).  The employees were SUPER helpful and didn't make fun of me when I butchered the pronunciation of "Chianti".  They helped me find some great wines, and didn't just point me to the most expensive bottles on the shelf (I think one bottle was $12 and the other was $20).  Awesome!

Up to now, I have been very impressed...
by Don M. via yelp
Up to now, I have been very impressed with Vinodivino. The quality of offering has been excellent. The advice is on target and I don't feel as though I'm being "taken".

Vinodivino also offers quite a few deals, which makes it even more attractive. It is clearly a cut above its competition, Brix and Best Cellars.

The store is small.  It has cheap...
by Andrea C. via yelp
The store is small.  It has cheap $7 wine and also expensive wine.  Each bottle is rated on a point system and they all have little write ups describing them which is very helpful.  Owner is extremely helpful and takes pride in his store.

i would say its small but good...
by Scott B. via yelp
i would say its small but good - weird people working there but a good place to pick up a quick bottle of wine - tell them to take the scotch off their shelves before it goes bad- noone will buy it

I really like it here.  I've yet...
by Whitney K. via yelp
I really like it here.  I've yet to bring home a bottle that I didn't like.  You can tell that the staff really put a lot of thought into the selection and I love that there are a lot of small production wineries featured.  It's pretty price friendly too, as I've found many good finds in the $15 range.  The staff have been helpful, but I usually wander around and find a bottle based on all the tasting cards I read, which are usually spot on and super helpful.  Sure it's not as big as some of the other wine stores, but the inventory is always changing and I don't have to worry about bringing home a lack luster bottle.  Thanks vino di vino!

This is truly a populist wine store....
by Retro G. via yelp
This is truly a populist wine store.  Rafael and his staff love to teach and share what they know about wine.  The wines are unique and interesting - and there are many affordable price points. A few years ago, my husband and I booked a ride on a gondola on the Charles for our anniversary - the staff was so excited about this when we came in, that they suggested an "open air" wine and even gave us a portable corkscrew for the boat. I have to confess that after several tastings there, I still can't detect "buttery"...but I will keep trying. They even have some unique and interesting kosher wines periodically tied to the holidays.  We asked them to provide wines for our daughter's bat mitzvah, and they did so on consignment.  For years they have donated the services of a sommelier to our local elementary school fundraiser.  This is really an ideal place to engage in your vice! I need "Wine for idiots" -- I like it but I don't know why.  Raphael and staff have demystified wine… Read more »

I'm giving Vino Divino 5 stars...
by Erin G. via yelp
I'm giving Vino Divino 5 stars based on those key factors that get me to spend money while feeling good about it.

1. the storefront is tiny, which can be both good and bad, but the layout maximizes space and gives the place a generally welcoming feel.
2. descriptions and ratings! i adore all the wine information i can get and this not only has nose and tasting descriptions, but offers professional ratings as well as their inhouse rating system. THAT is cool.  and they give you the handy info card to take home and write tasting notes.
3. price friendly. for such a small store i would have thought they offer a small selection of high end wines, but they have a very even spread.
4. tastings. hello. this is the only way wine stores should operate. give me samples.
5. friendly staff. they were nice, and when i was being weird and funny they laughed politely. i like that.
6. if you sign up for the frequent buyer card you get access to their website where you can read more about each wine and....write reviews of what you've tasted! This is instantly my favorite store EVER.

even if it's a hike, you should make a trip out to Newton for some vino divino.

Awesome wine store. Great finds....
by Nancy H. via yelp
Awesome wine store. Great finds. Super knowledgeable staff. Terrific tastings. You feel like family when you walk in -- always welcomed and taken well care of.

I like to believe I have ADD -...
by Claudia M. via yelp
I like to believe I have ADD - huge places with a ton of selections overwhelm me and discourage my more adventurous side. This place is great in that they do not overwhelm you with selections BUT they provide a ton of information (ratings, etc) for each bottle they carry. They seem to know their stuff and I will certainly shop here again! Oh, oh and they have their own little club - so you get a card and they keep track of what you bought - just in case you forget the name of that one wine you had about 10 months ago!