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Our Promise

Why shop Vinodivino?
If you haven't been, here's what you're missing!

All bottles are top rated and hand-picked with you in mind. No lemons here.

No dust on our bottles. We take pride in creating a fresh and friendly shopping experience. You'll never find dusty, crusty wine or people, here.

We'll do more than check you out. Ask us what you bought two months ago. We'll tell you. Tell us what you're making for dinner. Tell us about the last bottle you drank that made your head spin. We'll help you discover your next great find.

We'll go home with you. OK. Not really. But our wine information cards, handcrafted for each bottle, will give you your own private wine tasting back at the ranch.

We'll carry it to your car. You don't have to break a sweat. (Yes, we noticed that while we may offer all of the quality, we only have half the parking.)

If you don't like it, bring it back. We're here to make you happy.

If you do like it, call us. We'll set aside more for you or help you find other wines you'll enjoy.

We'll never be satisfied. We got into this business because we believe wine lovers deserve a more enjoyable and straight forward way to discover great wines at great values. We invented a store environment that offers a carefully edited selection, a knowledgeable staff, and wine information cards that all add up to a purchasing decision that won't disappoint. Nevertheless, we continue to seek new ways to innovate and surprise you so that you will continue learning about wine and finding new bottles you'll love.

For more information on all things Vinodivino, visit our FAQs here and contact us anytime at any of our store locations here.