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Meet Our Staff



We are more than employees, we really are a family. And like every family, we are all different! Some of us are Californian Cabernet Sauvignon lovers that love jammy blackberry and vanilla finish. And others others that dream about old Bordeaux. What do we have in comon? Passion. We all love wine, beer and spirits. We wake up every morning ready to learn, taste and explore more.

When you come to vinodivino you won't find just sales persons or cashiers. You will find people you can share your passion with - you can ask us questions, share your experiences. Our staff is the real difference at vinodivino, and we're not just saying that. Find who you met in stores or meet us for the first time online, we can't wait to talk to you!


President / Founder 
From Solothurn, Switzerland

What Raphael drinks:
Too many to list! Interesting and high quality is what counts. And I will never say no to Champagne! 
Lagers, wheat beers, IPAs, Pilsners for beers. Bourbon, Single Malts, Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka for spirits. My cocktail: I'd say Vodka Martini, though lately it's been the French 75

raphael.jpg Rodolfo
Vice President

What Rodolfo drinks:
I drink largely wine with a rare beer and occasional spirit. I love Champagne, white Burgundy, white Bordeaux, Austrian whites, and have a weakness for northern Italian reds. For dessert, Tokaji, no doubt.


Needham Store Manager, Spirit Czar
From Maine

What Roland drinks:
Literally everything. White Red from everywhere. Lager and Ales, my favorite spirit is Tequila today, ask tomorrow I'll tell you something different. My go to cocktail is Manhattan.


Special Events & Tastings Manager

What Karylyn drinks:
Spanish reds
Ballpark beer


Newton Manager 

What Michaela drinks:
Winewise I'm seasonal ! Fresh Rosé in the summer and a hearty Chateauneuf-du-Pape in the winter.
When it comes to beers, Everything from Ballast Point and Down the Road.
I like Great Gin with a hint of tonic.
My cocktail: Bloody Marry !

raphael.jpg Will
Operation Manager

What Will drinks:
If it's Spanish...I'll drink it!
 Nothing can touch a perfectly crafted IPA
 Bourbon. All Day. All Night.
 My cocktail: It's called 'Milk Punch' - Cognac, milk, vanilla, nutmeg 

From Toulouse, France

What Yohann drinks:
Mosel Rieslings, Spicy reds and old Bordeaux
Trapistes and IPA
I never say no to great Bourbon
My cocktail: Bourbon, Ginger beer, St Germain and a twist of lime.

raphael.jpg Jenn
Brookline Store Manager

What Jenn drinks:
Spanish reds & sparkling wines
My cocktail : French 75

Catering Manager 

What Michael drinks:
Northern Italy, Burgundy, Rhone, and their descendants in Northern California.
Munich-style lagers
Gin in the summer, bourbon and scotch when it's cold
Cocktail:Vesper, Manhattan or Negroni



The Wine Belle / Fine wines
From Montreal, Canada

What Manika drinks:
All styles of wines but slightly prefers delicate and perfumed
Saison, Belgian style beers
My cocktail: Manhattan 

raphael.jpg Gauthier
Boston Store Staff

What Gauthier drinks:
Cote de nuits, Bourgognes

Trapist beers
Scotch whisky
My Cocktail: Long Island iced tea

raphael.jpg James  
Newton Store Staff
From Duxbury, MA

What James drinks:
Big Bold Reds and Crisp Whites
Belgian style wheat, balanced IPAs and Imperial Stouts
(Rye) Whiskey and Gin
My Cocktail:Rye on the Rocks or (if it's a patio party) a Gin Bucket 


raphael.jpg   Kathryn  
    Marketing & Outreach

   What Kathryn (aka: Katie) drinks:
    Rieslings - love wines that go with desserts and compliment my sweet tooth!

    Light and fruity - summer and citrus brews
    Cocktail: White Sangria and the occasional Amaretto Sour

raphael.jpg Amanda
Southern California near Pasadena

What Amanda drinks:
Down East Cider
Tequila, especailly Magarita. 


raphael.jpg Tyler
Brookline Store Staff

What Tyler drinks:

White burgundy, Barbaresco
Vodka Martinis


raphael.jpg Polly 

What Polly drinks:
I like sweet whites, particularly Rieslings.  Occasionally I like to switch it up with a Pinot Noir
I don’t usually drink beer, but enjoy Down East cider
My go-to cocktail is a Cape Codder 


raphael.jpg Smiley faceDavid
Boston Store

What David drinks:

I love old world style wines especially Loire Valley whites and reds. But my favorite wine is the one I am sharing with friends and family