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Welcome to vinodivino. Walk into vinodivino and you will immediately recognize that something is different about our store. No dusty bottles, no crusty sales staff. Instead, you are surrounded by gleaming bottles of the best wine aroundÂ…a selection carefully chosen with you in mind. Instead of wading through hundreds of choices, you are presented with a well-edited selection of top-rated wines--and every bottle is guaranteed to be a good one. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is ready to talk to you about what you like, dislike, and dream of in a bottle of wine. At vinodivino, you'll find an escape.
We'll go home with you. Well, almost--the experience doesn't stop at our store. You'll leave with vinodivino's signature wine information cards which detail everything you want to remember about why you chose that bottle in the first place. Read it again when you crack that bottle open. Memorize it and recite it to friends. It's like having a personal sommelier. Won't your friends be impressed?

We sweat the small stuff so you don't have to. You shouldn't have to stay up all night figuring out which Spanish reds are actually worth drinking this year. And you shouldn't have to duke it out with the distributors in charge of deciding who will get their hands on those favored bottles. We do all of the behind-the-scenes jockeying for the best values in the wine world.

We drink the wine before you do. Our team of tasting experts has the tough job of tasting many wines, re-tasting a few, then selecting only the best for the honor of a place on our shelves. The rest gets sent home, or to other wine stores.

You might begin to wish you lived at our store, too. Word in the wine world is that our bottles have it good. They live in a temperature controlled environment, and are coddled and treated with the utmost respect. Our bottles breathe a sigh of relief when they arrive at our store because they know they've come to a place where only the best wines are allowed.

We'll never be satisfied.
We got into this business because we believe wine lovers deserve a more enjoyable and straight-forward way of discovering great wines at great values. We created a store that offers a carefully edited wine selection, a knowledgeable staff, and wine information cards, all to help you make purchases that won't disappoint. Nevertheless, we won't stop innovating and finding new ways to surprise you. We want you to continue learning about wine, and finding new bottles you'll love.