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Prendina 2018 Pinot Grigio

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Pairs with: Grilled shrimp with garlic

Good for: Open air, open water

Feels like: Putting your feet up with a beautiful view

Grape: Pinot Grigio

I am from: Garda, Lombardy, Italy

The story: In north-central Italy you'll find a picturesque lake in the mountains called Garda. It's on the shores of this lake that Prendina grows its grapes, surrounded by limestone and deep granite veins. We're sure one sip of this wine will transport you all the way to Italy. 

In your mouth: I'll draw you in with citrus fruit and apple flavors, but quickly zip back with my high acidity and dry finish. I grow in the mountains, so you can be sure I'll have the mineral quality you love.

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