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Pierre Gaillard 2015 Cornas

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Pairs with: Lamb with rosemary

Good for: Making a random weeknight special

Feels like: Casting the Patronus Charm for the first time

Grape: Syrah 

I am from: Northern Rhone, France

The story: At the age of 12, Pierre Gaillard was seen plowing a parcel of land with a horse. Fast forward a bit, and he purchased his first plot of land in 1981 in Saint Joseph: one of the premier Syrah-producing regions in the world. After a few key acquisitions, his vineyards amount to 77 hectares across the Northern Rhône Valley. 

In your mouth: I am rich and savory, and display notes of black pepper, herbs-de-Provence, violets, and smoked meat! I am elegant and playful, with finesse and grace.  

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