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Shannon Ridge 2017 Pinot Noir Old Pearl

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Pairs with: Authentic duck tacos, grilled swordfish with cajun spice

Good for: Those who love indulgent, silky Pinots; true to CA style

Feels like: You picked the right bottle

Grape: Pinot Noir

I am from: Lake County, California (mostly)

The story: "The vineyards feed the sheep, the sheep feed the vines; lamb feeds the people, people drink the wine and wear wool." This is the Shannon family credo; they take sustainability very, very seriously. Old Pearl is a namesake tribute to their favorite herding dog, and also a Pinot that punches way above its weight.

In your mouth: There are Pinots for everyone: some are light and a bit austere, while others are fuller and more generous. I am of the latter kind. Ripe, dark red fruit effortlessly caresses the tongue. I'm pretty sure you're going to wonder why I'm not pricier. Don't bother... just enjoy me.

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