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Chateau Gautoul 2012 Cahors

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Pairs with:  Herbed sausages on the grill

Good for:  Exploring the deep, dark origins of Malbec

Feels like:  A richly embroidered Turkish rug

Grape:  Malbec

I am from:  Cahors, France

The story: Before Argentinian vineyards were a twinkle in a winemaker's eye, Cahors was producing a deep, richly textured style of Malbec. Dating back to the 18th century, Chateau Gautoul blends grapes from five different soil types for layers of flavor you can sink into.

In your mouth: I'm dark and assertive, with seductive aromas of spice and chocolate. My ripe tannins support luxurious cassis and blackberry, embroidered by hints of earth. I linger at the finish, flavors unfolding and expanding before fading away.

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