Valravn 2016 Old Vines Zinfandel

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Store Location: Needham

Pairs with: Pulled pork sandwiches with pickles

Good for: Drinking at every barbecue you throw this summer

Feels like: Your toes in the grass and warm sun on your face

Grape: Zinfandel

I am from: Sonoma, California

The story! In our search for the best wines, we're always on the lookout for old vines. As a grapevine ages, the grapes become ever more complex, nuanced, and alluring. Produced from vines averaging over fifty years old, Valravn is a wine with the weight of history behind it. 

In your mouth: At the first sip, I spirit you away to a berry patch in late summer. Your fingers are sticky with the juice of sun-warmed raspberries. Notes of freshly ground black pepper dance on the breeze. You can smell the plants, green wood bursting with life. You keep drinking. 

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