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Pazo Castrelo 2017 Albarino

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Pairs with: Grilled shrimp, chicken fajitas, pad thai

Good for: Post-siesta sipping

Feels like: Summer on the Atlantic

Grape: Albariño

I am from: Rias Baixas, Spain

Product photo may not reflect the vintage year. 

The story:  This wine enticed us from the very beginning, with elegant nectarine flavors and delicate white flower on the nose. We’re sure it will transport you to summer on the beach and give you the courage to run with the bulls! (But please, don’t...)

In your mouth: Sit with me by the shore in an ocean breezeI'll draw you in with citrus fruit and almond flavors, but quickly zip back with my high acidity and dry finish. Sometimes I may even surprise you with a mild effervescence.

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