Chelsea Goldschmidt 2016 Merlot

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Store Location: Needham

Pairs with: Flank steak and BBQ

Good for: Saturday night dinner parties

Feels like: Driving down Highway 12 through Napa, sipping as you go!

Grapes: Merlot

I am from: Alexander Valley, California

The story! Nick Goldschmidt is easily one of the best winemakers of in the world. This wine is named after his daughter Chelsea, part of a series of three (Hilary and Katherine complete the lineup). In addition to making his own wines, he is the executive winemaker for Beam Estates, a company that includes Clos Du Bois, Buena Vista, Haywood, Garcia, and Atlas Peak — quite a pedigree!

In your mouth: I am dark in color with flavor to match. I open with intense plum and blackberry aroma before developing into juicy red and black fruit flavors. Full-bodied and dense, my palate is lush and finishes with velvety tannins and spice. You can call me silky. 

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