Ferro 13 2016 Hipster Negroamaro

2 bottles left

Store Location: Brookline

Pairs with: Pork belly baos

Good for: Impressing your friends from Brooklyn

Feels like: Finding a pristine vinyl of The Shins' first EP

Grapes: Negroamaro

I am from: Puglia, Italy

The story! Ferro 13 is, in their own words, "an atypical winery." Built by two programmers fed up with the Silicon Valley grind, the winery is founded on passion and creativity. Hipster is the wine alter ego of the group's creative, Gabriele Stringa, a blend of past, future, and international culture. 

In your mouth: I am as intriguing as my alter ego: a beguiling bouquet of red fruits and spices invites you in. My cherry and plum flavors are an open book, but there remains something elusive, mysterious. A whisper of dried thyme darts along a lingering finish. 

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