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Taking Root 2017 Blanc de Cabernet

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Pairs with: Light summery foods, especially vegetables

Good for: Sitting on the porch with some nibbles adjacent

Feels like: Relaxing on a chair looking over the Mediterranean with a glass in hand

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon

I am from: Moldova

The story: In an effort to keep their vineyards sustainable, the winemakers began to spread grape skins over the soil to revitalize it. What did they have in abundance that year? Cabernet. What happens when there's no grape skin contact during maceration? White Cabernet. Perfect for the warmer days in life!

In your mouth: I am medium-bodied and super smooth, with the bright fruit of Sauvignon Blanc. On the palate, I become rounder, herbaceous, fascinating. My juicy finish keeps me fresh all summer long.

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