Ottella 2017 Lugana

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Pairs with: Fish-based dishes with pasta and creamy sauces

Good for: Patio/Porch time

Feels like: Sitting by Lake Garda drinking wine

Grapes: Trebbiano

I am from: Lake Garda, Italy

The story! Legend has it that in the 1500s, octuplets were born on the estate grounds to the lady of the vines of the time. Thus, Otella.The coat of arms emblazoned upon each of the bottles pays homage to this story. Today, the estate is run by brothers Francesco and Michele, who tend to all of the beautifully unique wines that come from these very old vines.

In your mouth: Sweet and citrusy fruits on the front and nose, yet I'm never overpowering. Honeydew melons, green apple and juicy grapefruit greet you at first sip.  Elegant and subtle upon the mid-palate, I finish delicately, with bright, refreshing silk. 

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