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Mas Martinet 2017 Menut Priorat

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Pairs with: A thick and juicy steak, perfectly grilled

Good for: When only the boldest, most complex wine will do

Feels like: A mountaintop view that takes your breath away

Grapes: Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah, Carignan

I am from: Priorat, Spain

The story: Priorat, one of only two DOCa's in Spain, is known for its big, bold reds. A tiny region deep in the mountains of northeast Spain, its black slate soils impart a depth to the wines that's like nothing else. Thus, it was an obvious choice to name this wine "menut," which translates to "small."

In your mouth: My bright fruit aromas jump out of the glass, buoyed by licorice and hints of cedar. I dance on your palate with notes of blueberry and raspberry as my distinctive rocky minerality conducts. A burst of spice joins in as I finish, reluctantly leaving your palate. 

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