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Inman Family Vineyards 2018 "Endless Crush" Rosé

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Pairs with: Salad Niçoise 

Good for: Celebrating with a bottle of pink

Feels like: Wearing a brand new jacket that fits just right

Grapes: Pinot Noir

I am from: Russian River Valley, California, USA

The story:  Kathleen Inman makes this wine every year as a gift to her husband. She harvests the grapes the night on their anniversary and creates this very special rosé for her "Endless Crush." If you're going to make a wine dedicated to your significant other, you'd take it seriously and make something amazing, and that dedication certainly shows in this wine. 

In your mouth: I'm a little bit fruity with flavors of strawberry, nectarine, and honeysuckle. If you like soft and smooth wines, then I'm perfect for you. Break me out at your next special occasion and wow your friends.

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