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Chateau Pech-Latt 2018 Corbieres Rosé

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Pairs with: Croque monsieur, or a croque madame for brunch

Good for: Sipping somewhere with a good view and even better company

Feels like: Successfully negotiating enough vacation time to finally take that trip to France

Grape: Cinsault, Grenache

I am from: Lagrasse, France

The story: Picture an idyllic French countryside. Just outside of a little village, a natural spring bubbles up between green hills. This is the land of Pech-Latt, with over 2,000 years of grape-growing history. While this is the producer's first rosé, it stands on the shoulders of giants. 

In your mouth: Racy raspberry catches you on the first sniff. Come closer, and you'll find cranberry in my rosy depths, along with sweet notes of spice. Fresh herbs dance on a breeze of fleur-de-sel, adding a savory contour to my enchanting palate. 

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