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Durnberg 2018 Gruner Veltliner "L&T"

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Pairs with: Weiner Schnitzel and grilled asparagus

Good for: Something zippy enough to cut through the heat

Feels like: Lightning in a bottle

Grapes: Gruner Veltliner

I am from: Holzgasse, Kremstal, Austria

The story: The vineyard for this bottle of Gruner is located 100 meters above sea level; the slope is so steep that it must be terrace farmed and hand harvested. Although this sounds quite rigorous and time-consuming, it's impossible to deny that the final product is worth all this effort. 

In your mouth:  I'm zippy and tangy, with so much freshness that your mouth won't stop watering. I just might have the purest notes of green pear, lime, and white pepper that you'll ever taste in a wine.

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