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  • Chimay Triple White (4 Pack)
    Chimay Triple White (4 Pack)
    What makes this beer unique: - Brewed by monks in the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey - There is no acidity, but an after-bitterness which melts in the mouth- Refermented in the bottle and not...

  • Duvel Golden Ale (4 Pack)
    Duvel Golden Ale (4 Pack)
    What makes this beer unique: - Pilsner malts, Bohemian hops, and a unique yeast strain create this intense ale - Large head, fine effervescence and silky smooth mouth-feel- Takes 90 days to complete...

  • Gouden Carolus Tripel (4-pk)
    Gouden Carolus Tripel (4-pk)
    What makes this beer unique: - An old chronicle of the Belgian city Mechelen reports that this Grand Imperial Beer was named after the golden coins of Emperor Charles, was mainly consumed during the...

  • Guinness Pub Draft Stout
    Guinness Pub Draft Stout
    What makes this beer unique: - Sweet smelling with a coffee and malty nose. -Sip after sip, sweet counters bitter as the malt arrives on cue to compliment a base of roasted barley.- The unmistakable...

  • Rochefort Trappistes 10
    Rochefort Trappistes 10
    What makes this beer unique: - A working Trappist brewery since 1595- Strong plum, raisin, and black currant on the palate with lots of complexity- Can be cellared for at least 5...