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  • Downtown Abbey Vintage Champagne Coupes
    Downtown Abbey Vintage Champagne Coupes
    Petite crystalline Champagne coupes were created to enhance the complex flavor profiles of sparkling wine and classic cocktails alike. Sip nuanced beverages in sophisticated style from the dishwasher-safe vintage glassware...

  • Freeze Cooling Pint Glass
    Freeze Cooling Pint Glass
    Whether your beverage of choice is beer, juice or a mixed drink, the FREEZE chills 16 ounces of anything. Made from BPA-free reusable plastic, it is less fragile than a pub glass so you can drink carefree. After just 2 hours...

  • Libbey Craft Brew Set
    Libbey Craft Brew Set
      This six-piece set of glasses allows any craft brew afficianado to enjoy different styles of beer.  A great gift for the beer lover in your life. Set includes: 1- 15.25 Classic Pilsner Glass 1- 20oz English...